About Us

GT Proshop

"We aim to be the best chain-stores of sportfishing tackle shop in Indonesia.”
  • Fun: working toward creating more fun for the industry other than just an ordinary tackle shop
  • Informative: being objective and reliable in giving any information regarding tackles and fishing to the community
  • Sporty: focusing to bring the sportsfishing as the hobby for everyone and consistently introducing new trends to the anglers
  • Hospitality: creating a convenient and exciting place to shop and to meet fellow anglers

Our Story

GT Proshop is a joint-venture company which was founded based on the idea of two fishing buddies who share the same interest and passion in sportfishing in Indonesia. They were teamed up immediately with the support of reliable distributors and manufacturers in Singapore and Japan to build the first concept-store of sportfishing shop in Indonesia.

As soon as GT Proshop started, it is supported to be the Indonesian agency of several major brands in the industry, such as: Jigging Master, Evergreen, Megabass, FCL Labo, Majorcraft, Sunline, Triumph, Kaiser Gear, Halco, Tufline, Owner, YGK, Avani, NT Swivel, Gosen, Maria, Ima, and many more.

We will try our best to fulfill the need of every Indonesian sportfishing anglers with the best quality tackles available in the market.

Now we are proud to be the AUTHORIZED MEGABASS STORE IN INDONESIA .... MEGABASS is one of the best fishing tackle brands in the world.
WELCOME TO THE MEGABASS WORLD OF FISHING.... http://www.megabass.co.jp/site/

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope” (John Buchan)